Intel forms two mobile online data service alliances

Intel, the world’s biggest microchip manufacturer, has forged two major alliances in the fast-growing area of wireless internet development.

The company has linked with Symbian, the mobile software operating system, and hardware giant Compaq to collaborate on developing data-enabled mobile internet services.

The deals represent the latest jockeying for position by major technology firms in this market. The aim is to deliver high-powered internet services alongside voice communications to mobile phones and handheld computers.

Intel is locked in a battle with rival US chip maker Texas Instruments to persuade mobile technology providers to develop applications using its products.

The alliance with Symbian secured the European developer’s backing for Intel’s Personal Internet Client Architecture. The two will encourage third party software companies to create products based on the Symbian OS and Intel PCA.

Symbian – a joint venture led by the UK’s Psion and supported by mobile handset manufacturers Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola – faces competition from Microsoft.

The world’s biggest software company has identified mobile systems as a future key market.

Under the terms of Intel’s separate alliance with Compaq, the two firms will jointly develop ways of allowing complex multi-media applications to run on Intel PCA-based mobile devices.

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