Intel Introduces 933 MHz Pentium III

Intel Corporation has introduced the Intel Pentium III processor at 933 MHz. The Pentium III processor at 933 MHz is designed to power advanced desktop software for home and business, including entry-level workstation applications. In addition to being available today in systems from several major PC manufacturers, the Pentium III processors will also be available in single unit boxed versions from Intel product dealers and resellers.

Last October, Intel introduced Pentium III processors featuring an integrated, high-performance Level 2 cache subsystem that runs at the full speed of the processor core. This feature, called the Advanced Transfer Cache, enables application performance to scale with increasing clock frequencies. This technology is key to the performance of the Pentium III processor at 933 MHz. Most other processors on the market today are based on technologies that keep the cache memory from operating at full frequencies, limiting the PC’s full ability to deliver performance to the user.

The Pentium III processor at 933 MHz is available now in SECC2 and FC-PGA packaging and is priced at $744 in 1,000-unit quantities. The Pentium III processor at 933 MHz provides a CPUmark99* score of 81.8, a SPECint2000 score of 394, and a SPECfp2000 of 276. The Intel Pentium III Xeon at 933 MHz is also available in SC330 packaging at $794 in 1,000-unit quantities.