Intel introduces zippy chip

Intel Corporation has launched the Pentium 4 processor, its newest microprocessor for high-performance desktop computers.

The Pentium 4 processor with Intel NetBurst technology is the first completely new desktop processor design from Intel since the Pentium Pro processor, with its P6 micro-architecture, was introduced in 1995.

Highlights include a ‘Hyper Pipelined’ Technology, which enables the processor to execute software instructions in a 20-stage pipeline, as compared to the 10-stage pipeline of the Pentium III processor. Hyper Pipelined Technology supports a new range of clock speeds, beginning with 1.5 and 1.4 GHz.

For higher performance, a Rapid Execution Engine allows frequently used Arithmetic Logic Unit instructions to be executed at double the core clock. A 400 MHz system bus speeds the transfer of data between the processor and main memory. In addition, 144 new instructions have been added to further speed the processing of video, audio and 3-D applications.

An associated 850 chipset supports dual RDRAM memory banks that complement the Pentium 4 processor’s 400 MHz system bus, providing up to 3.2 gigabytes of data per second. Intel also announced availability of the Intel Desktop Board D850GB, which supports the new Pentium 4 processor in the ATX form factor.

The Pentium 4 processor at 1.5 GHz earned a SPECint2000 score of 535 and a SPECfp2000 score of 558.

Pricing in 1,000 unit quantities is $819 and $644 each for the 1.5 and 1.4 GHz parts, respectively.

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