Intel invests $16 million

Intel Capital, Intel Corporation’s venture investment program, has signed an agreement to acquire a $16 million stake in Grisoft, one of the leading providers of anti-virus security software. The investment is subject to approval by the competition council of the CzechRepublic.

A global provider of security software solutions, Grisoft products are now used on more than 25 million computers. Distributed through resellers and through the Internet, Grisoft’s product line supports all major operating systems and platforms.

“Under the terms of the strategic co-operation agreement with Grisoft, Intel will work to help Grisoft improve security on computing platforms for small businesses and consumers,” said Intel Capital President Arvind Sodhani.

Pursuant to the terms of the co-operation agreement, Intel Capital will also help Grisoft to reach new customers and market segments as well as optimise their security software.

“Grisoft has grown rapidly from a provider of anti-virus software in the CzechRepublic to a major, global player,” said Grisoft Chairman Gabriel Eichler. “The growing need for computer security and its increasing complexity combined with a highly positive response of our users, testers and reviewers lead us to anticipate the company will continue on the path to becoming the global leader within its market segment.”