Intel licences UK core

Intel Corporation has licensed the PowerVR MBX graphics/video core from UK-based Imagination Technologies for incorporation into a new range of Intel ICs.

Imagination Technologies will receive licence and development income and royalty revenues when Intel ships products incorporating the core.

PowerVR IP cores, available or in development, include scalable 3D/2D cores, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 cores, dedicated 2D graphics cores, a pixel display pipeline including TV encoder and modules that cover a range of bus interfaces.

Hitachi is also working with Imagination Technologies to develop silicon-on-chip (SoC) ICs that combine PowerVR IP cores and Hitachi SH-family processor cores for applications in the amusement, car navigation and entertainment and mobile markets. In June, Sammy Corporation, a Japanese game developer, said that it would use such Hitachi SoCs in an advanced graphics display system.

PowerVR cores for the mobile market, including phones, PDAs and game systems are also available for licensing from ARM for integration with ARM microprocessors.