Intel moves ahead

Intel increased its x86 PC processor market share again during the third quarter of 2003 according to IDC’s latest quarterly processor market share report.

The report reveals that, on a unit basis overall, Intel gained one percentage point of market share and ended 3Q03 with 82.6% share. AMD lost 0.7% market share and ended 3Q03 with 16.5% share. However, AMD’s mobile processor shipments increased substantially – by 72%.

Overall, the x86 PC microprocessor market earned significant unit and revenue growth in the third quarter of 2003. The major suppliers, Intel and AMD, experienced notable unit growth and modest average selling price (ASP) growth over 2Q03. Both companies also identified seasonal demand growth as a major factor in the third quarter’s results, growth that spread across all major products lines and regions of the world.

Total market revenue increased 17.7% over 2Q03 due to both rising microprocessor unit shipments, up 13.6%, and rising average selling prices, up 3.6%. The momentum of both mobile and consumer desktop PC processors accelerated in 3Q03, as mobile processor shipments increased 13.6% over 2Q03. Desktop processor shipments rose 13% quarter over quarter.