Intelligent variable braking

With the adoption of Moditorque control, Lenze has introduced a mechatronic variable braking system. Moditorque control enables a spring operated brake to be used for variable braking.

Aimed at applications like forklift trucks and escalator drives where a variable braking load is required in preference to on/off braking, the moditorque system makes it possible to adjust the braking torque of the BFK458 spring operated brake, like a pedal. The Moditorque electronic control unit provides fast, intelligent braking and replaces complex multistage brakes and associated switching logic.

Furthermore, the level of brake wear is monitored by a control unit, improving the reliability of the system and minimising maintenance requirements. These intelligent features are possible due to the use of a CAN bus connection which enables remote diagnosis of the brakes, remote control of all functions and brake control operation as part of a networked system.

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