Interactive 3D simulation

The latest addition to the Deneb stable is an option module with IGRIP and ENVISION. It is a powerful, interactive 3D simulation tool which has been specifically designed for use in developing, visualising, validating and documenting assembly and disassembly processes.

With Deneb/ASSEMBLY, you can study and optimise multiple assembly and disassembly process scenarios early in the design stage. By linking product and process design, improvements are made during the design phase, reducing time to market and costs by enabling concurrent engineering.

Deneb/ASSEMBLY acts as a design-for-assembly tool, facilitating the development of multilevel assemblies, sequences, part paths and process documentation. It makes it easy to analyse various scenarios and determine the best assembly process for product maintenance. This simulation is then recorded, and serves as shop floor instructions, maintenance instructions and training.

Cable harnesses are easily incorporated into a simulation.

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