Interactive telemedical tablet secures Pathfinder Investment

The £25m North West Fund for Biomedical has made its first investment in the telemedical sector.

Merseyside start-up Med ePad has secured a £50,000 Pathfinder Investment from the Fund, run by early-stage venture capital firm SPARK Impact.

According to a statement, Med ePad has developed a cost-effective interactive touch-screen mobile internet device for healthcare service providers.

The 7in tablet has been designed to come loaded with condition-specific apps created in conjunction with NHS healthcare professionals.

Its functions include the ability to record medication regimes and daily living patterns, send appointment reminders, conduct online consultations and access specific information relating to a particular condition.

The £50,000 Pathfinder investment from The North West Fund for Biomedical will be used to fund the development of initial apps and run a number of real trials with healthcare services in both primary and secondary care.

Dr Penny Attridge, senior investment director at SPARK Impact and manager of The North West Fund for Biomedical, said: ‘The adoption of digital, wireless and handheld devices to improve communication and efficiency is really only in its infancy, but we hope Med ePad can help to change this.’

The North West Fund for Biomedical is a sub-fund of the £185m North West Fund, which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank.