International register of engineers

Even as the global economy considers its future in an uncertain market place and many manufacturers are reviewng, if not implementing, consolidation plans, the requirement for specialist skills in engineering continues, and suitable people to fulfil specialist technical roles remain elusive.

Euro-Projects has risen to the demands of the market and has launched a solution which it believes will overcome the difficulties faced by industry in recruiting specialist, technical personnel. At the same time, it reckons its solution will enhance the opportunities for engineers to enhance their careers. The name of the service is InteReg, and it is specifically aimed at the automotive and aerospace industries.

InteReg has been developed as a central database, containing details of technical professionals throughout the world and provides organisations with a fast response to identifying the people they require and advice on the location and cost of such personnel.

The database has been constructed using extensive direct marketing techniques and is set to become the first point of contact for most job seekers and companies looking for a match to their requirements.