Internet control for lifestyle homes

Invensys and Taylor Woodrow have agreed to design and develop a range of intelligent home technologies and services aimed at improving lifestyles for homeowners.

Under the agreement, ‘model homes’ including centralised remote access to appliances, heating and other systems via the Internet will be built internationally. Users will access the Internet with a variety of hand-held wireless devices, such as a mobile phone, or laptop and personal computers.

Invensys and Taylor Woodrow, both based in London, have entered into an initial one-year agreement to build three homes located in California, England and Spain. Taylor Woodrow regional subsidiaries will market the homes, which will incorporate web-based technology from Invensys and other suppliers.

‘This agreement is the first step toward widespread commercialisation of what we call the Internet lifestyle,’ said Jim Devlin, President of Invensys Home Control Systems Product Group, the sub-division leading the project for Invensys. ‘When homeowners around the world begin to understand the benefits of connectivity and the range of services that will be available, I think the adoption process will be very rapid.’

The first phase of the yearlong agreement will be spent refining the concept, determining exactly which features and services will be offered and how they will be marketed to potential homeowners. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2001 with completion due by the end of the year.