Roundtable report: Interviews with The Engineer’s panellists


BAE Systems’s director of strategic technology Andy Wright talks about the digital technologies that are going to impact the company’s manufacturing processes in the future

AMRC’s chief executive Colin Sirett discusses how the centre is driving the development of factory of the future technologies

Craig Turnbull, director of Electro-Impact UK, looks at the key obstacles hindering SMEs in the manufacturing supply chain from adopting digital technology

Dr Lina Huertas, MTC’s head of strategy for digital manufacturing, analyses what the term digital manufacturing means, how important it is for the UK and the need for investment in skills

Julia Sutcliffe, chief technologist at BAE Systems Air, spells out what the company does at its Samlesbury site and how crucial it has been to stay abreast of the latest manufacturing methods and processes

Mike Wilson of ABB Robotics assesses how the UK is faring in terms of adopting robotics and automation technology and what ABB is doing to help companies overcome the challenges

VP Technology at GKN Aerospace Paul Perera discusses how the company is using factory of the future technologies

Simon Keogh, General Manager- Digital Factory at Siemens assesses whether the Industry 4.0 vision has become a reality for the UK and and how digital manufacturing can benefits SMEs

Sophie Jones general manager at Added Scientific talks about how the company is helping with the adoption of future technology