Introducing the Linear Rail System with the IDEA Drive

LRS™ Linear Rail System Available with a Variety of Motor Options

Alongside precision couplings, gears and intelligent motion control, Reliance Precision Mechatronics, the UK distributor for premier manufacturer of linear motion products, Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, offers the LRS™ Linear Rail System in a variety of configurations, both motorised and non-motorised.

These precision linear rail systems consist of a stationary base and a load bearing carriage that travels along a rigid extruded aluminium rail. The LRS™ Linear Rail System is available with several in-line motor options, including a single or double stack size 17 stepper motor, a stepper motor with an integral chopper drive, or the IDEA™ programmable linear actuator, consisting of the stepper motor, drive, and controller programmed through a graphic user interface (GUI). The LRS™ is also available without a motor, easily allowing the designer flexibility to integrate with a variety of motor types and belt and pulley configurations.

The LRS™ carriage design is unique; it controls slide bearing play with a patent pending self-adjusting linear bearing. Integrated along the entire length of the rail system are “T” slots, allowing the ability to mount limit switches and sensors. The leadscrew is manufactured from 303 stainless steel and can be configured with the option of a Black Ice™ TFE coating for durable and permanent lubrication. The standard LRS™ Linear Rail system has a general purpose leadscrew nut, but for extreme control, the system can be configured with an optional CMP or WDG precision anti-backlash nut.

For more information on the LRS™ Linear Rail System or the full range of positioning components and assemblies, please contact Reliance at or visit our website