Inventor software thinks the way you do

Autodesk reports that it is shipping Autodesk Inventor, a 3D, feature-based, solid modelling and drawing production system. Autodesk Inventor – previously codenamed Rubricon – is built from the ground up with a new adaptive architecture. Adaptive design allows you to design the way you think and collaborate more effectively, supporting concurrent engineering and the reuse of complex design and manufacturing knowledge. There are three adaptive technologies central to the product – Adaptive Layout, Adaptive Assemblies and Design Elements. Adaptive Layout recognises the importance of engineering sketches, allowing you to work with simple, intelligent 2D layouts that can become the foundation for 3D assemblies. Adaptive Assemblies makes it easy to change an entire 3D assembly by allowing you to relate parts and assemblies by specifying shape and position instead of parameters and equations. And Design Elements allows you to convert 3D models into elements that capture their design intent and manufacturing knowledge.

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