Investigation into waste and recycling

Bolton University is to investigate the issue of waste and recycling within the construction industry. The university’s School of Built Environment and Engineering will carry out the study, during which researchers will examine technologies and opportunities within the north west.

The findings will become part of a wider sustainable management framework examining the uses of more efficient and recyclable materials in construction, the reprocessing and re-use of materials to meet legislation on performance, and developing technologies.

The study, in line with government initiatives on waste and recycling issues, is to be presented at the university’s research and innovation conference in May 2008.

Senior lecturer Clive Robinson said: ‘The construction industry is the largest single source of waste in the country, generating more than 100 million tonnes of waste a year and contributing almost one third of the UK’s hazardous waste.’

Robinson added: ‘Around 90 per cent of this waste can be reprocessed into aggregates so there’s certainly plenty of scope to develop the technologies for recycling and re-use of this material.’