Investment aids production of GaN-on-silicon wafers

Capricorn Cleantech Fund, Robert Bosch Venture Capital and LRM have jointly invested €4m (£3.6m) in EpiGaN, a spin-off from imec, to launch volume production of GaN-on-silicon wafers.

Incorporated in 2010, EpiGaN was founded by Dr Marianne Germain, chief executive officer, Dr Joff Derluyn, chief technical officer and Dr Stefan Degroote, chief operating officer, as a spin-off from imec.

For more than 10 years, the founders jointly developed GaN-on-Si technology on 4in and 6in wafers at imec, part of which has been licensed to EpiGaN.

‘EpiGaN has demonstrated the capability of its innovative material to support record device performance either in high-voltage, high-current or high-frequency operation,’ said Dr Marianne Germain. ‘We are proud that investors have decided to support our initiative and will enable us to commercially provide the same high-standards material quality in large volume to our industrial customers.’