A leading UK provider of quality capital equipment and turnkey systems is defying the recession by investing over a million pounds in improvements at its factory in Sherborne.

Tetra Pak CPS upgraded its facilities to increase its capability and cost effectiveness following the decision by parent company Tetra Pak, to allocate the Dorset-based supplier manufacturing orders from other sectors within the global organisation.
The company’s investment in equipment includes an automatic plasma welding system which allows a more efficient and consistent high quality weld of both flat and rolled seams. This investment also includes a high definition plasma cutter which provides a cost effective method of cutting materials, thus reducing the costs, and exposure of employees to activities such as hand grinding and cutting.
A new overhead crane has provided the opportunity to change the use of an existing workshop enabling full fabrication work to be undertaken in this area. This workshop has also benefited from a dedicated pipework area which has seen the effectiveness of pipework fabrication increase with utilisation of new equipment such as ‘T’ drills, orbital welding plants, high speed purging equipment together with a general investment in welding training and procedures.
To enhance a safe working environment with reduced risks, the company has invested in hydraulic working tables, revised power, air and welding gas distribution systems and two new scissor lifts for working at heights.
By engaging the workforce in the programme of improvements, the forward thinking company is confident that payback will be quick in increased productivity through better flexibility and working conditions, which in turn will provide customers with superior cost effective products with improved lead times.
Tetra Pak CPS is now almost halfway through a five-year plan to achieve operational excellence and the workforce has played its part in helping the company’s drive towards World Class Manufacturing, as well as staying one step ahead of both local and international rivals.
Operations Manager, Mark Hoppé said: “We need to invest to remain competitive, but Tetra Pak CPS investments stretch beyond just being able to utilise the right tools at the right time. They engage with the workforce and empower them to become more forward thinking about problems that may be encountered, which helps to eliminate them during the planning process.
“Our team of engineers know that the company will support them through investing in better tools, resources and training, ensuring that Tetra Pak CPS uses the latest production methods and techniques in World Class Manufacturing to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.”
These are exciting times for Tetra Pak CPS and the additional funding is a massive vote of confidence in the company’s site at Sherborne, as it builds solid foundations for the future.

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