Inxight files suit against Verity

Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions, has filed a lawsuit against Verity alleging breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets.

The suit was filed on October 22, 2004 in Superior Court of California for the County of Santa Clara.

Inxight’s lawsuit alleges that Verity exceeded its rights under a license agreement with Inxight.

Inxight is seeking, among other things, monetary damages, as well as an injunction commanding Verity to stop distributing Inxight’s text analysis technology (LinguistX Platform), which is contained in the Verity K2 and Ultraseek product lines, to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Inxight also wants the injunction to stop Verity using the technology in ways that are allegedly not authorised by the license agreement.

“Verity has admitted in their Federal Court filing that the license agreement does not allow them to sell Inxight’s technology to other OEMs, but they are currently doing so; furthermore, Verity has stated that it intends to continue such sales regardless of what the agreement allows,” said Ian Hersey, Inxight Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy.

“We believe our legal position is extremely strong,” continued Hersey. “Inxight will vigorously prosecute this litigation to enforce our rights and protect our technology. We believe that Verity’s position has no merit, and I have no doubt that Inxight will prevail.”