Ionomers say hello to fuel cells

Ballard and Victrex are to collaborate on the development of Victrex´s proprietary ionomer for use in Ballard fuel cells.

Ballard Power Systems and Victrex have entered into an exclusive agreement to develop and manufacture ionomers (proton conductive polymers) for use in membranes for Ballard fuel cells.

Ballard and Victrex will develop the manufacturing processes for Ballard’s proprietary ionomer and collaborate on the development of Victrex’s proprietary ionomer.

The initial development period will last up to four years, during which each party will fund its own costs.

Upon the successful completion of the development phase for each ionomer, including the development of volume manufacturing processes and qualification of the ionomer for commercial applications, Victrex will operate pilot facilities to manufacture these ionomers for use in Ballard fuel cells.