iPad App for building designers

An engineer at Buro Happold has developed a software App that enables Building Information Models to be viewed on iPhones. And now, the launch of the BIM App for the iPad will allow building design engineers to view such models on a much larger scale.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) software is used to create three-dimensional models that contain building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components.

While there are several Apps that enable users to view three-dimensional models, the new App − called goBIM − will be the first iPad-compatible App to enable users to navigate models and review data tagged to model elements (such as materials, manufacturer information and volumetric information).

Ian Keough, the senior technical designer at Buro Happold who developed the App, said: ’The majority of building designers still use two-dimensional drawings to communicate design ideas and this can result in confusion and the waste of manpower and materials.

’While the new App is designed to increase the accessibility of three-dimensional BIM, the launch of the iPad will unlock the potential of the App and help drive productivity in building design and construction.’

Keough is inviting building designers to trial the App and provide feedback to help guide development of the tool.