Isn’t that one of your designs?

Discovering a copy of one or your products at an exhibition can be a traumatic moment. What do you do? Tempting though it is to march straight into the alleged infringer’s stand demanding to know what’s going on, there is a better way.

ACID (Anti Copying in Design) recommends the following steps. If, at an exhibition, you think you have been copied, check with ACID that you own the rights to the design, and then approach the exhibition organisers to act as an independent witness. If you can, obtain a sample, brochure or illustration of the product. ACID’s solicitors can prepare a letter before action and a form of undertakings and send them to the alleged infringer. ACID’s solicitors will then arrange service of the relevant letter on the alleged infringer.

Full details and explanations of the steps to take are included in the ACID handbook.