The Engineer Q&A: aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

Your chance to question the engineers behind the UK’s largest ever warship.

One of the UK’s most challenging engineering projects is nearly at an end. In less than three months, HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s biggest ever warship and first new aircraft carrier in over 30 years, will be officially named by its namesake monarch.

Five years of construction at six shipyards across the UK has culminated in the assembly of the carrier’s various sections at Rosyth Royal  Dockyward in Scotland.

We’ve covered the design and building of the carrier for years and you can take a look back over its progress by reading our blog series. But you undoubtedly have questions of your own. 

To celebrate the culmination of this amazing show of British engineering, we’re offering you the chance to put your queries to the team behind HMS Queen Elizabeth, which includes engineers from BAE Systems, Babcock and Thales (as well as numerous supply chain firms).

Use the comments box below to submit your questions and we’ll print the answers in May’s print edition of The Engineer magazine, as well as here on the website.