Easy-to-pilot personal submarine set for launch

The inventor of a new personal submarine set to launch next week is hoping to create a new niche market for would-be adventurers who have no professional training in underwater navigation.


DeepFlight, the company founded by personal submarine pioneer Graham Hawkes , plans to launch its new two-person Dragon model next week at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The all-electric craft was designed to be easily used from a yacht or the shore by anyone who has undergone minimal instruction. It features power and on board monitoring and management systems, uses vertical thrust instead of a ballast and drop-weight system to dive, and automatically floats to the surface when its propulsion system is disengaged.

The Dragon is an evolution of DeepFlight’s earlier “Super Falcon” craft (see video), itself a development of the vehicle Hawke built to enable the late Steve Fossett to travel to the deepest point in the ocean, the Mariana Trench.

DeepFlight Dragon:

  • LxHxW: 4.8m x 1.5m x 2.1m (15.7ft x 4.9 ft x 6.8 ft) 
  • Operating Depth: 120m (400 feet) 
  • Crew: 2 
  • Payload: 230kg (507 lbs) 
  • Air Weight: 1800kg (3968 lbs) 
  • Flight Capabilities: Flight and Hover 
  • Safety Features: Positive Buoyancy 
  • Inflatable launch platform enabling easy entry and egress 
  • Emergency inflatable gas bag system