Partners: Lotus; Jaguar Land Rover; Queen’s University Belfast; Bioethanol and Orbital Corporation

Lightweight Crashworthy Train Cab

NewRail, Newcastle University, Bombardier Transportation UK, AP&M

Weight reduction is a major issue in the rail industry where heavier vehicles use more energy and are more likely to cause track damage than lighter trains. Made from lightweight, but fully crashworthy composite materials, the prototype rail cab developed through this project could represent a real alternative to existing steel cabs. 

Low-cost carbon composite chassis

Delta Motorsport, Advanced Composites Group, KS Composites, Penso Consulting

This project adapted approaches from the mainstream auto industry to design and manufacture a carbon-composite chassis for Delta’s E-4 coupe.  By using simple, constant thickness panels, spot-welded together the team achieved a weight saving of 50 – 75 per cent over  a comparable  steel monococque at a commercially viable cost.