Automation Studio™ 5.5 – Latest software solution for hydraulic and pneumatic system design

Automation Studio™ 5.5 – the right software solution for today’s fluid power and control systems design, training, maintenance and troubleshooting

The latest edition of our comprehensive software solution for hydraulic and pneumatic system design will also result in extra engineering productivity and product deployment cost savings

Famic Technologies Inc. presents its newest Version 5.5 of Automation Studio™, an innovative software solution for system design, simulation, engineering, prototyping, diagnostics, and training. The software allows for advanced engineering, thus optimizing the entire workflow in a maintenance cycle – from system design through training to service.

Our Pneumatic library is now complete with the addition of new elements from Proportional Pneumatics. The transducers, instructions generator and controller allow conceiving circuits in open and closed loops. The new version offers an installation and circuit management that integrates the ISO1219-2 Norm recommendations without limiting itself to them.

A great feature of the new 5.5 version is the custom material configurator. The hydraulic simulator considers the power lines’ material to calculate the system losses. It is now possible to create and save one’s own power line materials using the “Tools” Menu. The flow line expansion is also considered when calculating hydrostatic lines.  With Version 5.5, it is possible to define by default every pressure line type, its properties, its material and appearance, and this for each pair installation-circuit. The customer can also create and save fluids, power line material, and power lines. Version 5.5 considers every aspect of umbilicals. The following hydrostatic lines considerations are developed: internal roughness, elevation, heat transfer coefficient, elasticity, Young’s modulus, Poisson’s ratio.

The component references on the plans, as we find them in industrial design, locate the principle circuit elements and the optional components. All of them are displayed on the diagram.

It is now possible with the new version to register and share AVI format files, all the actions accomplished by the user in project editing or simulation mode, as well as in diagram simulation mode. It becomes very easy with this new version to visually illustrate the technical explanations concerning your project, and to share your knowledge of Automation Studio™.

All Reports and Bills of material in Automation Studio™ have been standardized, and the Report options have been enhanced. It is hereafter possible to make a report by circuit or installation number. Furthermore, new filter and sorting options have been added. Any Bill of Material you have inserted on a diagram may contain items from any other current document or project. Finally for your convenience, reference filters have been added.

Like the previous versions, the 5.5 simulates kinematics data transmission between actuators and receptors. In addition to the features contained in the previous versions, calculations are now made for the transfer of mechanical power through transmission mechanisms like gear boxes, shafts, and clutches.

With the help of Version 5.5, you are now capable of diagnosing a selection of documents, detecting non-registered components from a catalogue; customizing the identification format of a component. You can also prepare a report on automat modules; ducts and rails. Moreover, global numbering (not per group) of relay contacts and interrupters is now available in the electrotechnical diagrams. In order to allow the change of wire’s type, a contextual menu for multiple wire selection has been added to Version 5.5.

Among many improvements, adopting Automation Studio™ newest version gives access to:

  • Automation Studio’s three convenient packages: System Design (no simulation), Run Time (simulation only) and  Full, adapting to specifics tasks and budgets
  • Possibility to install it on MS Vista 32 and 64 bits 
  • ISO 1219-2 compliance with regards to installation/circuit identification, numbering and referencing
  • A Proportional Pneumatic Library that makes of Automation Studio™ the most complete and advanced solution for pneumatic applications
  • Easy Multiple Fluid configuration for same project
  • Quick and easy pressure line properties definition, including material type, roughness, visual appearance, etc for enhanced documentation and simulation
  • Component Referencing with hyperlink tools for quick identification and location of elements in a system
  • An integrated video capture (AVI) for faster implementation of training material and improved engineering communication by recording animated scenarios rapidly
  • Faster access to free connections location for quicker troubleshooting and system simulation
  • More Vendor specific components
  • Fully enhanced animation module to create realistic machine and component animations (including X-sections) for improved training and communications
  • Line intersections movement, as components, for easier/faster schematic implementation 
  • Improved Plotting functions
  • Dock able windows
  • Full customization of reservoirs  including elevations and connections
  • A fully configurable gear box transmitting mechanical force via multiple shafts

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