Bloodhound project powers ahead with successful test of hybrid rocket

The rocket partners for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project have successfully fired the vehicle’s new hybrid rocket.


Propulsion partners Nammo said the predefined firing lasted 16 seconds, producing a maximum thrust of 30kN, with the temperature inside the rocket reaching 2,500°C and 1,400°C in the plume.

The Raufoss, Norway-based company added that the rocket started instantly after ignition and that the firing was terminated on closure of the main oxidiser valve.

Bloodhound will use one rocket for high speed testing 2015 and a cluster of three rockets to reach 1,000mph in 2016.


The Bloodhound SSC project aims to break the current world land speed record of 763mph (1,227.92km/h) in 2015 and then to set a new world land speed record of 1,000mph (1,609.34km/h) in South Africa in 2016.

As well as breaking the world land speed record, the project is also actively engaged in schools to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

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