The Engineer Q&A: driverless cars

Your chance to ask our expert panel their views on the development of self-driving vehicles.

We’re increasingly told the technology to create completely autonomous cars already exist: the job now is to get it onto the roads.

For the latest in our readers’ Q&A series, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to answer your questions on the technical, political and mental barriers to the adoption of driverless cars.

What exactly can the technology do already – and what can’t it do? Will regulations and insurers ever allow a car to drive without a human who can take over at any time? How far away are the days when you can drive to the pub and still have a drink?

Your questions this month will be answered by:

  • Prof Paul Newman – leader of an Oxford University team working with Nissan to develop an affordable robotic navigation and control system;
  • Bosch – which is among the companies to test driverless cars technology on the German autobahns;
  • MIRA – which hosts a test track for vehicles with autonomous technology in the UK.

Thanks for your questions. Comments have now closed. We’ll print the answers in the February edition of The Engineer magazine and here on the website.