Reliably sealing larger diameters and high pressures

The single-piece, double-action compact CoverSeal has been optimised in terms of tolerance and function to suit the installation space for which it is intended. This ensures greater functional reliability and allows higher pressures to be reliably and statically sealed in hydraulic components, even those with larger diameters. The standard CoverSeal design fits into all conventional installation spaces for O-rings with back rings; customised CoverSeal designs are, however, available for all other installation spaces.

Higher pressures in hydraulic systems are often sealed using O-rings and back-up rings. As the diameter increases, however, uniform tolerance dimensions for a cord of uniform thickness become a problem: large diameters automatically lead to larger gaps, and large gaps are dangerous under high pressure because when subjected to pressure, the sealing elements extrude into the gap and can be sheared off when the pressure subsides.
This is not the case with the CoverSeal, which is optimised to suit the installation space for which it is intended, both for standard and special dimensions. This means that the tolerances of the CoverSeal are carefully and accurately adapted to suit these larger installation space tolerances, even in the case of larger diameters. In this way, the sealing function is not impaired in any way even at diameters of up to 2,000 mm and with rapid increases in pressure. The double-action support prevents the part from being twisted during assembly and rapid changes in pressure. The defined high linear force at the sealing edge creates an excellent sealing effect when not pressurised, thereby preventing overblow.

The CoverSeal is made of polyurethane, thereby combining high extrusion stability and excellent long-term behaviour. Both the rod and piston versions of the CoverSeal reliably seal.

·          High pressures

·          Rapid increases in pressure such as end-of-stroke damping

·          Pressure pulse, and

·          Two-way operating pressure.

The single-piece CoverSeal prevents assembly errors of the kind that can occur with O-rings and back-up rings when a part is omitted or exchanged. Moreover, one person can install large-diameter components because the stable shape of the CoverSeal is easy to insert in the installation space.

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