Thrust 2 team celebrates 30 years of land speed record

Former and current world land speed record holders, Richard Noble and Andy Green, celebrate the 30th anniversary of Thrust 2 by looking back on the challenges of driving at 633mph.

Richard Noble today leads the Bloodhound project to build a car capable of driving at 1000mph with the aim of setting a new world land speed record.

Richard Noble with Thrust 2 today.

But 4 October will mark 30 years since he first reclaimed the record for Britain, driving Thrust 2 at 633.468 mph (1,019.47 kmh).

Richard Noble celebrating his world record in 1983.

His Bloodhound partner Andy Green followed his achievement in 1997 by reaching 763.035 mph (1,227.985 kmh) in Thrust SSC (also directed by Noble), becoming the first person to break the sound barrier on land and setting the world record that still stands today.

Thrust 2 in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.

‘We could never have done Thrust SSC without Thrust2,’ said Noble. ‘It generated a huge amount of publicity and interest and resulted in a three-way challenge between ourselves, the McLaren F1 team and Craig Breedlove with his car Spirit of America – Sonic 1.

Thrust 2 set the former world land speed record of 633mph.

‘The experience we gained fed into the Supersonic car programme and the subsequent success of Thrust SSC, with Andy driving,  created this enormous global following that enabled us to start The Bloodhound Project.’