Pentagon heaters for worlds largest structure

Pentagon Electrical Products Ltd have received an order for 3500 anti-condensation heaters to be used in switchgear panels for the Burj Dubai, which is anticipated to be the worlds tallest building when completed during 2009. The order has been received from ETA/PCS and represents the largest order they have received to date for these products for use on a single project.

The Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) will form part of a retail development of over 5M ft2 incorporating  30,000 homes, nine hotels, six acres of parkland, 19 residential towers and a 12 hectares man-made lake surrounding the dramatic centre piece Burj Dubai structure.

The triple lobe shaped footprint of the building is based upon a native desert flower and everything about the project is impressive. With a structure height of 808 metres, the building contains 162 floors, with the highest residential level on floor 109, and an observation deck on number 124. The structure sits on 192 piles set to a depth of more than 50 metres, with 45,000 cubic metres of concrete weighing in excess of 110,000 tonnes making up the massive foundations.

With daytime temperatures that can exceed 48°, and nighttime as low as 9°C, coupled with relative humidity levels which have reached 98% in Dubai, it is no wonder that Pentagon Electrical export 35% of their anti-condensation heaters to the Middle-East and Far-East regions. This is complemented by 12% of their power resistor production also being sent to the same markets.

The anti-condensation heaters manufactured by Pentagon comprise low voltage vitreous enamelled resistors housed in perforated enclosures. Good air movement and convection is created, while preventing direct contact with the heating elements. The heaters can be supplied in nine power ratings from 20 to 120 watts, with optional input supplies of 110 or 240Vac. The constant gentle level of background heating provided is ideal for preventing moisture build-up in confined areas such as switchgear panels, where dynamic braking or other power surge heating can dramatically increase localised heat conditions.

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