The Engineer Q&A: Crossrail

Your chance to question the team behind Europe’s largest construction project.

With a marathon’s worth of tunnels under one of the most densely populated and complex cities in Europe, the sheer scale of London’s new railway line is overhwlemingly impressive.

The £15bn Crossrail project needs to accommodate 200 million passengers a year across a total of 100km of track with 40 stations (including 10 new ones)

Work began back in 2008 and most of the tunnelling is now complete, but services still won’t start running until 2018 – so there’s still plenty to do.

What engineering challenges remain? What will be the biggest impact of new line? How has construction spurred forward infrastructure building in the UK? 

For the latest in our series of reader Q&As, the engineering team behind Crossrail have offered to answer your questions on the difficulties and innovation of the project.

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