IT solution for RAF

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is to install an IT application allowing real-time access and management of flight bookings across the Royal Air Force (RAF) fleet. The new ‘Swift2Move’ application, developed by Thales UK, is said to meet the MoD’s Air Movements Operation (AMO) requirements.

AMO, which will be in service by 2009, enables staff to manage passenger bookings, freight bookings, flight check-in and aircraft loadsheet calculations at any operational location in the world. The contract is valued in excess of £27m for the next 10 years.

Swift2Move is designed to operate on the MoD’s Defence Information Infrastructure (DII), aiming to reduce the reliance on fixed commercial communications networks and to ensure system availability in all locations and situations. The system will interface with existing MoD logistics systems, providing information on the status and location of airfreight during transit and allow future asset tracking enhancements.

Thales partnered with sub-contractors Fujitsu Services and Mastek for the project and developed a number of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) packages including aircraft scheduling, passenger and freight management software, to aircraft weight and balance. Thales then upgraded them to provide a fully integrated modern air movements management system.