Italy buys Bombardier kits

The Italian government is to buy 15 upgrade kits from
Bombardier Aerospace to enhance its fleet of Bombardier 415 aircraft.

Bombardier Aerospace announced today that the Italian government has exercised an option to purchase 15 additional upgrade kits to enhance its entire fleet of Bombardier 415 aircraft. Italy had previously ordered one kit for installation on the Bombardier 415 firefighter it purchased in 2005.

The upgrade kit package is derived from the Bombardier 415MP multipurpose aircraft and includes autopilot, nose radar, flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR).

Bombardier says that the Italian Civil Protection authorities regularly use 415 aircraft to support firefighting efforts in neighbouring countries, as well as to participate in humanitarian relief operations worldwide.

Since the first delivery in 1994, Bombardier Aerospace has sold 63 Bombardier 415 aircraft, which have been delivered to firefighting agencies in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Ontario and Québec.