It’s cool to be a robot

Robotics ensure consistent performance and quality control at Hotpoint.

An improved manufacturing method implemented by Hotpoint for producing the foam-insulated door assemblies on fridges resulted in stronger and more rigid products. But it also required an increased number of components with a high specification to be free of visual defects. It was the ideal candidate, therefore, for the specification of a robotic system to ensure consistent performance and quality control.

ATM Automation provided the answer with its ES1000 beam type robot, equipped with a specialised gripping system for the removal of a range of mouldings. The robot demoulds and manipulates components from 19 separate mould tools. ATM’s service included changing the six-axis configuration of the robot and reprogramming it to operate in a similar manner to those with which Hotpoint had some familiarity.

ATM Automation. Tel: 0116 277 3607.