It’s here to stay

Wighty’s web world – a regular feature written by Richard Wightman of Design Engineering Online

As a member of the management team on Design Engineering Online, I was disturbed to hear a statement during a high profile panel debate that the Internet had already peaked as a medium for information exchange. Digital TV, with its superior speed and comparable interactive capabilities would rapidly supersede the Internet (time to polish up the CV?). Fortunately, as seems the case amongst most of the Soho marketing and media set, their preoccupation with the consumer world had startled me without good reason. The fact is that useful business information is likely to be accessed at the workplace where the PC will continue to prevail over the telly.

Of course, no one can accurately predict the effect digital TV will have on the Internet, but there is a possibility that the Net will become dominated by business information and many consumer sites will migrate to be viewed from the armchair.

That being the case, as specialists in providing business information it is our duty to constantly ask questions about what content you would like to obtain from the World Wide Web. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Over the next few weeks, IAEm spending some time calling readers of Design Engineering to get more direct feedback on the hot issues which affect the way you use and view the Internet. Have a good think about the information you just wish you had at your fingertips because thereAEs a chance we can provide it through Design Engineering Online. If I donAEt call you but you’ve got an idea burning a hole in your head, please email me on rwightman I’ll reply to as many suggestions as possible and wangle suitable rewards for any cracking ideas.

I have been talking to a number of suppliers to the design market in the last couple of weeks to see how they are approaching the Internet. As expected, many sites were originally created to simply get their respective companies aeup thereAE without any clear objectives.

That said, there is a growing awareness of real benefits which can be obtained by posting useful information on the Internet, especially in the field of technical support. Here, a thirty minute phone call about the detail of installation, repair or servicing can be replaced by a thirty second call to explain that information of this nature can be found on the Web.