It’s only yellow when it flashes

Car designers and discerning owners want indicator lamps that do not spoil the good looks of headlights with clear covers. Until now these units have suffered from what has been called the `poached egg effect’ – a circle of yellow in a white background – due to the indicator bulbs having an amber coating.

That has changed with the introduction by Osram of the PY 21 W Diadem lamp which has a faint bluish tint when the indicator lamp is off. Only when the bulb is actually operating does it emit an amber light. Very little information has been released about the process, but what is known is that it consists of a scratch (no peeling) and heat-resistant interference coating. It has a rated/test voltage of 12V, input power (rated wattage) of 21W and is said to be heat resistant to 250 degrees C.

As the bulb is interchangeable with existing indicator lamps, owners of vehicles with clear headlight covers can replace any yellow lamps with Diadem ones and improve the looks of their car in one simple step.

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