ITT Industries awarded $580 million contract

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded ITT Industries a $580 million contract to provide new Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios for the US National Airspace System.

The radios will assist the FAA in providing communications services to the largest airspace system in the world. With the system growing at a rate of 4% per year, the current analogue Air Traffic Control radio will reach full capacity in the next decade.

In certain high-traffic areas like Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, the system will reach full capacity earlier.

ITT Industries and its teammates Park Air Systems, Federal DataCorporation and Operational Technologies Services, Inc. will produce theITT/Park Air CAVU 2100 Multi-mode Digital Radio (MDR) to be part of the FAA’s Next Generation Communications Program (NEXCOM).

The radio is said to incorporate technological advances including the ability to simultaneously transmit voice and data link communications. When fully fielded, over 37,000 radios will be installed throughout the United States.

The ITT/Park Air CAVU 2100 MDR, which is designed to accommodate increasing future traffic networks, operates with both the current analogue radio system and VDL-3, the new International Civil Aviation Organization endorsed digital link standard.

The CAVU 2100’s ability to transmit four voice and data channels simultaneously over a single frequency is reported to increase the amount of information services available to pilots without adding to the overcrowded frequency spectrum.