IVO encoder not fussed about bus

By separating sensor and fieldbus electronics, a new multiturn encoder from German encoder specialist IVO is compatible with all bus systems.

With a number of fieldbus networks to choose from, OEMs and control designers are frequently faced with the costly problem of adapting their automation system to the bus system preferred by each customer.

A new multiturn encoder from German encoder specialist IVO looks set to provide the remedy, with a design that makes it compatible with, in principle, all bus systems.

This has been made possible by separating the sensor and field bus electronics.

Depending on the application’s requirements, the MultIVO multiturn absolute encoder can be combined with different bus covers incorporating the corresponding field bus technology. The bus cover with the integrated interface electronics is simply plugged on to the encoder and secured by screws. This concept not only means a reduction in stock expenditure, but also allows a separate change of encoder and bus electronics during maintenance.

Initially available are bus covers for Profibus DP, CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet, Suconet, Interbus, Fibre-Optic Bus and a simple RS485 interface. For applications in EMC critical environments where interference-free data transmission is required, the encoder can be combined with a bus cover featuring an integrated fibre-optic interface that supports an additional Profibus protocol.

Such an optical field bus is immune to electrostatic and electromagnetic interference and guarantees secure data transfer even at high speed and under hostile environmental conditions.

As well as being robust, the encoder is smaller and no more expensive than its predecessors. With a diameter of 58mm, it measures only 89mm in length including the bus cover and is therefore shorter than previous models. These dimensions allow easy installation even in confined spaces.

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