Jade under integrated control

An integrated control and safety system has been specified to control the new Jade wellhead oil and gas platform under construction in the British sector of the North Sea for Phillips Petroleum Company UK on behalf of the Jade owners.

Based on ABB Automation’s Advant control system, the integrated control and safety system will provide a true integration of process control, emergency shut down (ESD) and fire and gas (F&G) monitoring functions. It will also be linked to a similar control and safety system installed on the existing near-by Judy platform from which the normally unattended Jade Platform will be controlled.

Judy will also be the host platform for receiving, via a connecting 17.7km long multiphase pipeline, fluids from the Jade field for processing.

Designed and engineered by Amerc, the new Jade platform will be equipped with a dual redundant ESD and F&G controllers and twin screen operator stations, all connected to a high-speed communications network, which includes a dual redundant line of site microwave radio links.

A high integrity pressure protection system will be connected by a combination of hardwired I/O and a Modbus link and there will also be serial links into other vendors’ packages, such as generators, switchgear, multiphase meters and corrosion monitoring instrumentation.

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