Jaguar gives birth to cubs

They might sound like an American football team, but the Jaguar Cubs are actually a new range of AC motor inverter drives from IMO Precision and Controls.

The small footprint drives are available in ratings from 0.4kW through to 2.2kW in single phase/230V, and 0.4kW to 4kW in 3 phase/400V.

Jaguar Cub inverters rated 1.5kW and above can be specified with an integral braking resistor, while smaller models can be connected to an external bolt-on braking resistor option making them suitable for applications such as stopping higher inertia loads that call for large reserves of regenerative braking power.

The Jaguar Cubs come with timer operation, input and output phase loss protection, loss-of-load protection and thermostatically operated long-life cooling fans designed to operate for 7 years at 40 degrees centigrade.

To reduce audible noise and save even more energy, an internal cooling fan can be turned off when not required. The new drives also allow the connection of a DC reactor to limit mains supply circuit harmonics and are fitted with a PTC thermistor input and PID control.

RS485 or Modbus RTU type communications are supported via an optional internal interface card. Jaguar Loader software can be used to set-up, monitor performance, interrogate alarm conditions using the standard RS485 communications link. Other features include side-by-side mounting to IP20, on-board frequency setting potentiometer, non-linear V/F pattern and an auto-energy optimiser.

There is also an optional remote operator keypad panel, complete with parameter copy function, and extension cable for panel door mounting.

Like all IMO Jaguar drives, the new drives come with a five-year warranty.

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