Jaguar Land Rover to install £45m servo press line

Jaguar Land Rover has invested £45m in a new servo press line at its Halewood facility.

At over 85m long the new servo stamping line is the first of its kind to be built in the UK.

It has a combined press stamping capacity of 7,900 tonnes, stamping steel and aluminium panels.

Installing this facility required a major reconfiguration of the Halewood press shop, with the plant roof raised by almost 12m to accommodate the new machinery. The press shop bay also had to have its footprint extended by almost 50 per cent, compared to the previous stamping machine.

Trial pressings will commence in April and the facility will begin stamping panels for use across Jaguar Land Rover from the summer. By autumn the facility will be up to full speed making up to 20 strikes per minute.