Java keeps Bentley on step ahead

For companies who design large engineering project, with engineers based all over the place, the latest product from Bentley will be an interesting idea, worth looking into. Even for companies with smaller teams of engineers, but who need to work in different locations, software that can offer browser-based reviewing of large engineering drawings on extranets has to be worth a second glance.

Based on Sun’s powerful Java technology, ModelServer Publisher was introduced last November as the first server software to dynamically publish ‘live’ engineering drawings on demand to standard Web browsers.

By adding a Java engineering applet for redlining, browsers can now also redline drawings from browsers. Design reviews normally prompt the downloading of sometimes hundreds of engineering drawings to printers, and then marking them up on paper. Using the new Modelserver Publisher, engineering colleagues can redline or mark up drawings direct from their Web browsers, minimising delays and speeding up the information flow. The new release also includes database publishing, a new Java viewing applet and support for AutoCAD R14 CAD files.

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