Joint venture to mass produce ‘green’ fuels from algae

An Australian company has been established to produce commercial quantities of ’green’ fuels from algae.

The company, Muradel, is a joint venture of Murdoch University, Adelaide Research and Innovation (the commercial development company of the University of Adelaide) and commercial partner SQC.

Work by Australian researchers Prof Michael Borowitzka (Murdoch University) and Dr David Lewis (University of Adelaide) has already led to the establishment of a $3.3m (£2.1m) algae pilot plant in Karratha, Western Australia.

’The focus of this new company is to bring to commercial reality a large-scale business that produces algae for renewable fuel and co-products from the biomass,’ said Prof Borowitzka.

Murdoch University’s expertise lies in commercial production of algae and algal products, while the University of Adelaide is contributing engineering expertise in algal processing. SQC is a South Australian-based company whose mission is to develop commercial processing of micro-algae biomass into renewable hydrocarbon products, especially fuels.

’Our research has proven that it is possible to grow large quantities of algae for commercial biofuel purposes. The establishment of Muradel is the next major step in Australia becoming a world leader in biofuel production,’ added Borowitzka.