Joy in Jubail

Huntsman Corporation and the Al-Zamil Group have formed a joint venture to build a world-scale ethyleneamines manufacturing facility in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

The 66 million pound (30,000 metric ton) plant will produce ethylenediamine (EDA), diethylenetriamine (DETA), triethylenetetramine (TETA) and higher molecular weight versions such as TEPA, E-100, AEP and piperazine.

The products serve as specialty intermediates for a variety of end uses including epoxy curing agents, bonding agents and lube-oil additives for petrol and diesel engines. The companies anticipate the plant being on line in 2008.

Huntsman and Al-Zamil Group will have equal ownership in the facility. Huntsman will serve as the exclusive sales and marketing arm for the joint venture and will provide technical service and product applications assistance.

The Al-Zamil Group of Companies and Huntsman also are partners in a maleic anhydride – butanediol manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia. The GACIC joint venture produces precursors for Spandex woven fibres.