JP Systems and i2 link up over TradeMatrix

Mobile internet applications have taken a step forward with the link-up between e-business consultant i2 and mobile applications service provider JP Systems.

The deal will mean that i2 customers will have worldwide access to its TradeMatrix e-business platform, which will allow them to conduct business and time-critical transactions through wireless devices.

The two groups – both based in Dallas, Texas – demonstrated the potential of the link-up earlier this month at a global e-business conference in Vienna, Austria.

One application demonstrated was an online auction conducted entirely through mobile devices.

A second was remote order management, which allows suppliers to check the status of, review and modify, orders already in the pipeline, again using a wireless device.

Both applications were run on a Palm Computing device with a GSM phone. But the service can also be run using a Novatel Wireless Minstrel modem over the US CDPD mobile network.

`Wireless management of the supply chain is one of the key applications which will drive electronic business to mobile business,’ said Ananth Rao, executive vice-president at JP Systems.

`The real benefits come from buyers and sellers being able to interact in real time when required,’ he added.

JP Systems has developed a technology called InfoBeam, which allows browsers and servers to integrate with open standards such as the wireless application protocol.

The server compresses and optimises data so that it can be sent to wireless devices in a form that is most suitable, taking into account a device’s display size and bandwidth restrictions.

TradeMatrix allows firms to deploy business-to-business and business-to-consumer portals, and offers a range of services including procurement, fulfillment, customer care, planning and product development.

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