KCI launches vacuum systems

Advanced wound care and therapeutic surfaces company KCI has launched two new vacuum assisted closure systems

KCI, a leading global advanced wound care and therapeutic surfaces company based in Oxfordshire, has launched two new Vacuum Assisted Closure (V.A.C.) systems.

These next generation V.A.C. products were developed alongside healthcare professionals to ensure the products suit real life situations across both the acute and homecare settings.

The two systems include a number of developments for medical, scientific and technological applications focused on ease of use. This ranges from simple ergonomic design to the ability to monitor and track wound progress.

KCI’s InfoV.A.C. is designed to deliver better wound care in the hospital by providing healthcare professionals with detailed information on therapy delivered by V.A.C. and the ability to track and view the wound progression.

Its counterpart, ActiV.A.C. which is smaller and lighter making it more mobile, includes an improved user-interface with touch-screen technology. This feature is also shared by InfoV.A.C., which ensures the smooth transition of the patient from the hospital to home. Patient wound types span from major acute to chronic wounds and include venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

The design of V.A.C. Therapy ensures a moist wound environment, controlled negative pressure and an interaction with the wound bed that stimulates wound healing. A key component of V.A.C. Therapy is its open cell reticulated foam structure. This structure creates a wound interface that delivers evenly-distributed negative pressure to the entire wound bed, resulting in clinically demonstrated improvements in wound outcomes.