Keep the Cup on-line

John Motson can help you keep abreast of the latest World Cup football score from the comfort of your PC, eliminating the need for you to skip work and go to a public house.

It had to happen, didn’t it? Even John Motson has gone electronic. The erstwhile BBC football commentator, who for decades has graced our living room TV screens with his interesting banter about The Beautiful Game can now have his very own place on your computer desktop – if you own a PC.

‘Mini Motty’, as he is called, is a desktop toy, a small Windows-based application that allows you to follow live football scores and news, without directly reading pages on the BBC Sport website.

You will need to be connected to the Internet to use it, but that is all you need – no browser, email or other application open.

Once you have selected up to five teams to follow, you will be alerted every time they score – or concede – a goal, if there is a booking or sending off in a match they are playing, if there is a substitution or if a match kicks off, reaches half-time or finishes.

Motty won’t give you the full details, though. A nice trick to get thousands to go back to the BBC site. So, once a goal is scored, Motty will only celebrate the strike – it’s up to you to click on the team name to visit BBC Sport Online and discover whether the goal brings joy or despair! But Motty’s features do not end there. Oh, no! Try right-clicking him and you can make him dance to a well known tune – or do all sorts of other actions.

Mini Motty can be downloaded at

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