Keep the noise down!

A new system reduces cabin noise by as much as 50%, whilst also providing protection from excess heat and fire.

The system, from Flight Environments, fits every type of general aviation aircraft, from antique machines to the most modern of private jets. Each installation is tailored to meet a plan’s individual configuration.

Using patented materials and applications, the interior of the plane is ‘wrapped’ in materials that dampen sound and reduce heat.

There are four components to the system: a Cabin Insulation Blanket that covers the entire cabin interior, reducing both sound and heat; a Thermal Blanket that completely covers the aircraft’s interior frame and floor to provide thermal insulation and minimise vibration; an acoustic Firewall Blanket, a firewall that protects pilot and passengers from fire and excess engine heat and reduces engine-produced noise; and the AeroGold Window Tint, a flame-retardant, thin, UV gold window film that reduces glare, heat and UV transmission and enhances visibility.

The Aerogold Window tint is a layer of pure 24kt gold coating on an ultra-thin, flame-retardant, optical-quality film. Its adhesive was designed expressly for polymer windows such as acrylic or polycarbonate. Originally designed for installation on the ‘Star Wars’ spy satellite lenses, the material has proven its durability in the harsh environment of space, cycling daily between -380°F and +320°F.

Each of the four components of the system can be purchased individually or as a complete package, depending on the operator’s needs.

The Flight Environments system meets both FAA parts 23 and 25 ATP Category standards for fire resistance and toxicity.

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