Keeping escape routes open in emergencies

A plastic clip that stops doors closing and acts as a route marker at the same time has been developed

In crisis situations, area police and fire departments now have a little less to worry about thanks to a simple, but ingenious, door clip from Refra Tecnics of the Netherlands. When applied to the edge of a door, it keeps the door from closing behind rescuers, and with its fluorescent strips it also acts as a route marker helping to lead people out of dark or smoke filled buildings.

Made with Shell Chemicals Carilon polymers, an aliphatic polyketone known as PK, Refra Tecnics’ test programme demonstrated that clips moulded from this material were effective at high temperatures and did not lose their grip, or break, when the door was slammed.

With a deflection temperature under load (DTUL) of 100 degrees C at 1.8MPa and a notched izod impact strength of 20kJ/m2 at 23 degrees C, the material provides toughness and ductility over a wide temperature range. It is characterised by a high elongation at yield of 25%, which enables a single clip to fit a wide variety of door thicknesses.

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