Keeping out the water

A range of extruded clamping sections has been introduced by Houdini Marine Windows which is suitable for glazing thicknesses of 6mm to 15mm. These designs are all fastened from the inside of the vessel by internal clamping with stainless steel machine screws.

An advantage offered over the normal type of bolt in window fitted to steel or aluminium structures is the fact that there is no need to drill/bolt through the material, eliminating leakage around the bolts. Average fitting times are reduced by 50%.

One feature is that the outside appearance of the three frames is constant. This enables thicker glazed windows in one area with thinner in another without affecting the aesthetic lines.

After installation the heads of the screws are concealed by a decorative plastic trim. For free and easy sliding movement, the clamp sections incorporate a hard plastic extrusion.

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